1. Is your jewelry safe for sensitive skin?

 Allergic reactions vary from person to person. Our jewelry, crafted from stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, silver 999, rhodium-plated, and gold-plated materials, is generally suitable for sensitive skin. While sterling silver may work for most, those highly sensitive or allergic may still react to trace metals within it. If uncertain, consulting an allergist or dermatologist is advisable for personalized advice.

2. Can I wear jewelry while showering, exercising, or sleeping?

 Our silver and stainless steel jewelry is more durable for daily wear. However, please note that different materials and designs have varying durability and suitability for activities. Comfort is also a consideration. If you’re unsure about a product, feel free to chat with us anytime, and our team will gladly assist you in finding the perfect piece.

3. How long is the shipping process?

 We aim to process and ship your orders within a maximum of 3 days from the date of payment. Once shipped, your AWB will be updated and you’ll receive notification. 

4. How do I track my order?

 Local shipments are handled by J&T / Wahana. You’ll receive a tracking number via SMS/Email once your order is processed. 

5. Can I customize the length, etc.?

 While some product are customizable, others may not be. If you need assistance or wish to inquire about customization options for specific item, do not hesitate to chat us anytime. 

6. Can I add a message to the order if I want to send it as a gift?

 Absolutely! We understand the importance of personal touch when sending gift. During the checkout process, you’ll have the option to include message if you wish to have a message card for the recipient. Simply type your message in the designated field and we’ll ensure it’s included with the order (max 30 words). 

7. Can I return my items?

 Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for purchased items. However, you can exchange them for other desired products. Please not that we are not liable for any shipping fees incurred during the return/exchange process (unless the item/product is defective). 

8. Can I change my items?

 Exchanges are possible provided the product remains in good condition with its complete packaging intact. Please not that we are not liable for any shipping fees incurred during the return/exchange process (unless the item/product is defective). You can exchange a product within a maximum of 3 days after its arrival, subject to certain conditions. For more detailed information, kindly check our Return & Exchange page on our website. 

9. What if I break my jewelry? Do you offer repair services?

 Depending on the extent of damage, we may offer repair services for our items. While some damages can be easily repaired, others may require more specialized treatment. For more detailed information, please check our Warranty & Repair page on our website. 

10. What if my jewelry arrives damaged, incomplete, or imperfect?

We strive to ensure that every piece of jewelry reaches you in perfect condition. However in the rare event that your jewelry arrives damaged, please reach out to our team immediately. We will assess the situation and determine the appropiate course of action which may include repair, replacement, or refund, depending on the circumstances. For more detailed information, please check our Return & Exchange page on our website. 

11. How do I take care of my jewelry?

Proper care ensures your jewelry remains beautiful and retains its quality for years to come. For more details, kindly check our Jewelry Material & Care page on our website.

12. Will it rust?

Proper care ensure Our jewelry is crafted from stainless steel, sterling silver, pure silver, which are resistant to rusting. However it’s essential to follow proper care instructions to prevent tarnishing and maintain its appearance over time. Kindly visit our Jewelry Material & Care page on our website to learn more about how to take care of your jewelry and prolonging its shines/longevity.