We understand that finding the perfect fit is essential for your jewelry to look and feel just right. Explore our guide below to ensure you make the perfect choice.



Some of our rings have an open ring design that can be adjusted. Use the following step to find the right size of your ring.

First, take a piece of paper thread, ribbon or string and wrap it around the base of your finger.

Then, use a pen to mark the intersection point after wrapping the paper thread around your finger.

Last step, use a ruler to measure the length of the paper up to the marked point.

Compare against the closest circumference in the chart below to find your size.




From delicate chokers to elegant necklaces, discover the right length for your neckline with our guide. Choose the necklace you like and check the size of the chain in the description. We have a 4 to 6 cm extender chain on most of our pieces.